(First Date Tips): Advice For Men & Women For Successful Date

There is always a sort of nervousness when it comes to going on your first date as you never know how the date might go. You want to come across as a sweet and nice human being and not as a desperate person who tries too hard to impress his or her date. If you do not follow some basic etiquettes essential for the first date, you might upset your date and will definitely not get a second date. Here are some tried and tested first date tips and advice that will definitely impress your date:

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10 First Date Tips & Advice For Healthy Relationship Start:

first date tips

10. Do not drink too much or eat like a pig.

Last but not the least, always make it a point to drink responsible and eat like a gentleman. Do not make your date pick you up from the floor and handle you all the way home. Order a dish that does not stink up the whole place and carry breath mints in your pocket to freshen up your breath after eating.

9. Leave the other person wanting for more.

Do not share every single detail of your life since you were born till date on your first date. Share something interesting and then leave them asking for more. This will peak their interest and will also make you irresistible to the other person. Give something and hide something to convert the first date into a second date.

8. Relax and enjoy the experience rather than fretting too much.

This is just the first date. It can always end up in an unexpected way even if you try your best. So relax and enjoy this first date because you will never go on a first date with the same person again. If you look and feel comfortable, your date will also enjoy the experience and you might just end up going on a second date soon after.

7. Compliment him or her but do not fall all over with flattering.

Do not come across as a desperate person who will say and do anything to impress the date. Complement her dress or his tie and leave it at that to show that you have noticed that they made efforts to dress nicely for you. A subtle complement works better than showering your date with unnecessary and fake compliments.

6. Do not ask your date to go Dutch on the check.

This tip is especially for the men. Despite the development in terms of gender equality and equal opportunities, your date stills expects a bit of chivalry. Pay for the food and drinks and leave a decent tip to make your date know that you are generous as well. If your date insists on dividing the tab, ask her to buy ice-creams for both of you on the way home to kill two birds with one stone.

5. Do not take your date for a movie on the first date.

Do not be cheap and invest a little in your first date by going to a nice restaurant which will add to the success of your date. Reserve the movie and casual dates for the fourth or fifth dates when you have become comfortable with each other and can enjoy a nice movie date together.

4. Avoid using your phone a lot and engage in a meaningful conversation.

This is actually quite rude. If you keep your face buried in your phone, your date might feel neglected and insulted that you fixed up the date to just glance at your phone. Make it a two-way conversation and allow your date to speak as well and listen intently.

3.  Do a little research on your date before going on the date.

Unless it is a blind date, try and know more about your date before the actual date. This will not only help you decide if you want this date to go well but will also help you to strike a conversation by conversing about common topics that will put a spark in the conversation.

2. Carry yourself with a fun and casual but polite attitude.

While it is normal to be a little nervous, do not let that show on your face. Treat it like a date but remember to be yourself rather than somebody you are actually not. Carry yourself with a polite yet fun attitude and break the ice by cracking a joke or two.

1. Clean up well and wear something comfortable yet attractive.

The most important rule of the first date or actually any date for that matter. Clean up well and shave before taking a nice bath before heading out for the date. Wear something that makes you feel good but not something u wear going out with friends. This is a date and it is time to dress to impress.

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