10 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Tinder: (Tinder Guide)

With more than 50 million users, Tinder is one of the favourite apps of the millennial generation. With easy to use interface and an open idea of meeting some fun people who are also interested in the same thing as you are. One common problem that most people on Tinder face is that they do not get the response they expected. Here are some things you might be doing that you shouldn’t do on Tinder:

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Tinder:

Tinder Donts

10. Do not upload a “not-so-likeable” photo.

This is the only thing that matters on Tinder. Do not upload a photo of your arm, your chest, or a close-up of your tattoos if you are expecting any response. Also, do not upload any group photos or photos of your drinking or making any sexual gestures. It just comes across as repulsive and arrogant. Do not upload a photo with your friend also as people can have a hard time thinking which one is you.

9. Do not focus on a single person.

Tinder is not a dating site. You can talk to multiple matches at once and then decide the match you want to meet. Also, do not feel guilty about it. All the people on Tinder are doing it and putting all your eggs in one basket is the one thing you should definitely not do on Tinder. This being said, do not go nuts and ask all your dates to meet you as this can create a lot of confusion.

8. Do not lie or make inappropriate puns.

Do not pretend to be what you are not in actual life. If you are married or have kids, please be upfront about it because these lies can easily be caught and you will end up getting confronted by your match. Do not give a fake number as well as this can just make you come across as haughty. You can simply say the truth and then wait for a match that actually wants to go out with you despite that aspect of your personality.

7. Do not be rude to your match.

When you are matched with someone, at least say a hello even if you are interested in somebody else or do not want to interact with that particular match. Do not talk rudely or snootily and end the conversation politely if you are not sure about that match. If your match doesn’t seem interested in you, do not send hateful messages asking them to turn up as this will only end up in you getting reported.

6. Do not ask for sexual favours.

This should actually feature at the top. When you start interacting with someone, do not demand or request for sexual favours which might make them feel uncomfortable. Unless that person has actually told you that he or she also has the same interests, do not do this as this will make you look like an absolute pervert or desperate.

5. Do not post a threatening profile message.

Think about how you want your profile to look like. A sensible profile message attracts a much better response than a profile message which makes you come across as narcissistic or threatening. Do not post a message like” do not mess with me” or “once you meet me you will not like anybody else” or something like that.

4. Do not talk in SMS language and use proper grammar.

“How r u” or “c u l8r” is not going to work guys. If you are talking like this to match, your chances of converting a match into a meet are pretty negligible. Use proper sentences and proper grammar to get your match interested in you in the first place. Improper grammar is very repulsive and you should take some time to look up the correct meaning of the word before writing it.

3. Do not propose the first match you get.

This is Tinder and not a platform for asking someone their hand in marriage. Do not treat it like a matrimonial site and take some time to interact with your match before deciding to meet them. Even after you meet them, do not go proposing as not everybody might be on the same page as you.

2. Do not act non-committal.

Once you get a match, do not go into hiding without even sending a message to the person. You are on the platform for a reason and do not back out and act arrogant if somebody approaches you.

1. Do not trust every person you meet.

Since there are so many users on the platform, there are bound to be some profiles that might not be safe or appropriate for you. Screen the profiles carefully and do not go meet the person if you find something amiss in his or her profile because she might be an escort waiting to get some money from you.

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  1. Some interesting tips, but I feel the popularity of Tinder has made things tougher for boys especially. I got only 2 right swipes in a month and girls showed little to no interest and hence I’m here. Btw, can you recommend me some alternatives?

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