10 Tips for Online Dating For Men & Women

With the advent of technology, online dating is becoming more and more common these days but the world of online dating is now saturated as so many apps and websites which promise you all sorts of dating experiences are flooding the market. It is becoming easier to find someone to date but to know if that date will turn into a long-lasting relationship or not, you have to remember some tips while stepping into any online dating circle. Here are ten tips for online dating which you should keep in mind to make your online dating experience more safe and fruitful:

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10 Tips for Online Dating For Men & Women:

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10. Create a profile which actually represents you.

While many people lie on their online dating profile, the honest profiles always get noticed by someone. Make a profile which says a lot about you and offers an interesting take on your personality. Do not be modest or rude on your profile and try to be as honest as you can be to attract somebody who is genuinely interested in you.

9. Do not fall for fake profiles and ask for more information if needed.

If you find a profile to be suspicious, avoid it. There are many fake profiles floating on all online dating sites and it is better to be safe than sorry. You can ask for more information or additional photos from the other person before starting an interaction or simply report the profile to protect others too. Some websites do conduct scans once in a while to scan these fake profiles but they crop up somehow on all platforms. You can do simple Google reverse image lookup for this purpose.

8. Have a decent phone conversation before you agree to meet somebody.

It is very important to engage in a phone conversation with the person you have met online and are planning to go on a date with. Casually chatting with the person on phone helps you get an idea of he or she is in real life and is there any point in going on a first date. For example, somebody might just put you off on the phone itself so it is useless to carry the conversation to an actual date.

7. Keep sex off the table on the first date and meet in a public place.

Please do not jump on sex on the first date itself unless you have met your match on a hook-up site. Sex on the first date can be uncomfortable for your partner and things can turn ugly if you are not careful. Get comfortable with a person before progressing on to the next step and let the relationship flow naturally. Do not force somebody to do something they are not ready for.

6. Do not hesitate to cut off a conversation if you feel uncomfortable.

It is not necessary to respond to every match you get. Even if you thought that the match is good and do not like how the things are going after striking a conversation, it is completely ok to cut off the conversation and move on to the next match. This is normal and is done by everybody on online dating websites.

5. Avoid asking stupid questions in the first message itself.

Start with a nice and light-handed interaction when you are talking to your match for the first time. Do not get into topics like family, exes, sexual fantasies etc unless they themselves are comfortable with such subjects. Ask casual questions and then move on to the heavy ones in the subsequent conversations when you are more comfortable with each other.

4. Do not share your private information or family details unless you are sure.

This is one of the biggest blunders you can commit on an online dating site. Avoid oversharing unless you are absolutely sure of the intentions of the other person. Do not keep posting pictures of your family members or pets or friends or share your address to keep yourself safe and protected from bad people.

3. Upload a decent profile picture.

This can actually make or break your game. Choose a picture with a smile and avoid posting pictures which do not show you in a good light. This means close-ups of your chest, tattoos, eyes, lips etc. A good profile picture always gets a good response and this is how you can get some great matches.

2. Have some fun and do not expect a lot quickly.

Lastly, have some fun. Do not take it extremely seriously as your life depends on it. It might happen that you will find someone you like on your first date itself or might have to go on several dates to meet the right person. Relax and enjoy the whole process.

1. Choose the right dating site.

With thousands of dating sites out there giving you casual hook-ups, geek dating, mindful dating, one-night stands etc, it becomes important to choose the right site in order to find what you are looking for. This is the most important tip as once you choose the right platform, half your job is done since the members on that site are looking for something similar.

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