Top 5 Dating Apps for Getting Laid in 2018

Sometimes, the whole dating scenario can take a toll on your emotional and physical well-being. It might happen that you just want to let go once in a while and get some casual fun with someone who is on the same page as you. The millennial generation is far more ahead in this game and new dating apps which promise you some casual fun and one-night stands are making their way into the market. Here are the 5 free hookup apps which you can use for finding someone who also wants just some casual fun with you.

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Top 5 Dating Apps For Getting Laid:

5. Tinder



This is the app which took the world by storm by becoming the most popular casual dating app for people who wanted to hook-up with other singles in their area. Its ease of use …

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5 Online Dating Apps For Serious Relationships

Finding love online might not be the traditional way of finding a life partner but in modern times, people are turning towards the internet to help them find a long-lasting relationship. There are many good online dating sites which are specifically targeted towards people who are looking for serious relationships and not casual hook-ups or one-night stands. If you are looking for a serious relationship, here are five genuine online dating apps to find your love if you are tired of hanging out on multiple dating apps without much success:

5 Online Dating Apps For Professionals & Serious Relationships:

5. The League

The League

Consider The League to be an elite version of the common dating apps. It has a stringent approval process and all profiles are screened using their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles before they are visible on the app. The member pool of this app is one of the best …

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(First Date Tips): Advice For Men & Women For Successful Date

There is always a sort of nervousness when it comes to going on your first date as you never know how the date might go. You want to come across as a sweet and nice human being and not as a desperate person who tries too hard to impress his or her date. If you do not follow some basic etiquettes essential for the first date, you might upset your date and will definitely not get a second date. Here are some tried and tested first date tips and advice that will definitely impress your date:

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10 First Date Tips & Advice For Healthy Relationship Start:

first date tips

10. Do not drink too much or eat like a pig.

Last but not the least, always make it a point to drink responsible and eat like a gentleman. Do not make your …

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Tinder: (Tinder Guide)

With more than 50 million users, Tinder is one of the favourite apps of the millennial generation. With easy to use interface and an open idea of meeting some fun people who are also interested in the same thing as you are. One common problem that most people on Tinder face is that they do not get the response they expected. Here are some things you might be doing that you shouldn’t do on Tinder:

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Tinder:

Tinder Donts

10. Do not upload a “not-so-likeable” photo.

This is the only thing that matters on Tinder. Do not upload a photo of your arm, your chest, or a close-up of your tattoos if you are expecting any response. Also, do not upload any group photos or photos of your drinking or making any sexual gestures. It just comes …

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10 Tips for Online Dating For Men & Women

With the advent of technology, online dating is becoming more and more common these days but the world of online dating is now saturated as so many apps and websites which promise you all sorts of dating experiences are flooding the market. It is becoming easier to find someone to date but to know if that date will turn into a long-lasting relationship or not, you have to remember some tips while stepping into any online dating circle. Here are ten tips for online dating which you should keep in mind to make your online dating experience more safe and fruitful:

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10 Tips for Online Dating For Men & Women:

online dating tips

10. Create a profile which actually represents you.

While many people lie on their online dating profile, the honest profiles always get noticed by someone. Make a profile which says …

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